shit yes

Omg, I was just scrolling and not really paying attention, I thought this WAS Aaliyah. Great cosplay


That’s just epic

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Racism in advertising.
This is what we’re told constantly. That our brown skin is ugly and that we can only be beautiful if we’re white.

Really? Seriously? Like it’s a fucking layer of dirt that we have to remove in order to be beautiful? I mean, look at this, there is literally a woman “removing” her dark skin with a zipper like it’s some excess that we need to get rid of, something we have to shed. And “natural fairness hiding behind dark skin cells”? Like our dark skin is a mask and there’s actually a white woman underneath?

Fuck that. Fuck them. Dark skin is awesome.

Also: never again believe Dove when they try to market themselves as pseudo-feminist-pro-women’s-“natural”-beauty.

P.S. And let’s not even get into the fact that at least some of these companies (Dove and L’Oreal) also test their products on animals. Fuck them for their racism, and fuck them for doing it over the pain and death of animals.

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GFantasy 10月 (September Issue) cover
bigger image once available.

GFantasy 10月 (September Issue) cover

bigger image once available.

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Cats in love

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I want a life changing field trip with Rin too! It’s My turn!

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avoiding my responsibilities like


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Color page from Toudou’s Spare Bike ch 2 


Color page from Toudou’s Spare Bike ch 2 

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hit the jackpot - Malice Mizer by Takato Yamamoto, two things that taste great together


hit the jackpot - Malice Mizer by Takato Yamamoto, two things that taste great together

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tumblrfolk, we are so much more skilled than we think


one thing I want to say today relates to my current job. (As you guys know, I’ve left off working in science labs to work an office job in sci comm. My role is kind of … nebulous and involves a lot of “oh, Elodie can help you with that, she does weird stuff. Train Elodie on that.”)

Because it’s an office job, the mentality is for everyone to present their workflows as incredibly difficult and skilled, requiring a lot of training and experience to do properly. Which is fair enough! These skills are difficult!

"Elodie, today we are going to train you to use… A HIGHLY COMPLICATED AND DIFFICULT WEBSITE INTERFACE. You will need to take a lot of notes and pay careful attention, because it is extremely advanced. ARE YOU READY"

"… This is Wordpress."

"…No it isn’t! it says something different at the top. And it’s very complicated, it’s not something you can just know already."

"Nah son, don’t worry, it’s Wordpress. I mean, God knows I don’t blog much, but I can manage me a bit of Wordpress, it’s cool."

"No. You can’t. Don’t worry, it’s very difficult. Now sit still and be trained on how to upload a photo to Wordpress."

"All right."


"Elodie, do you think that you can MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA? It is INCREDIBLY HARD and may involve THE HASHTAGS"

"… I think I’ll manage."


"Elodie, can you put a HYPERLINK in a thing? Think about it before you answer."

"Is it like a BBCode kind of thing, with the boxy bracket things, or do you want it in HTML, with like angley bracket things?"

"It is a button that you press that says HYPERLINK."

"I can do this thing for you."


"Elodie, can you write a punchy summary that will make people want to click on a special link that says "read more" to read all of the text?"



"Elodie, this is how to use TAGS on CONTENT. TAGS on CONTENT are important because - because of THINGS. Things that are too arcane and mysterious for anyone below the level of Manager to know."

"Cool, I can tag stuff for you."


"Elodie, this is obviously a ridiculous question, but can you edit videos?"

"Not very well, and only if you want to make it look like there is sexual tension between characters from different forms of visual media, or perhaps to make a trailer for a fanfiction? Which is not necessarily a good use of my time and I’m not sure why I felt it was so cool to do to begin with…"


"Actually, upon further reflection: no. No. Nope. I can’t edit videos. They’re completely beyond me. Not in my wheelhouse. Hate videos. Hate them. No innate skill whatsoever."

"That’s what we thought"


"Elodie?! You can use PHOTOSHOP?!"

"Yeah, I mean, I usually just use Pixlr. It’s free, it’s online, it’s powerful, you don’t have to download anything…"

"but you are not a GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!"

"Er… no."

"Next you’ll be telling us you can MAKE AN ANIMATED PICTURE."

"I mean, I haven’t really done a lot of it since Livejournal, and they weren’t that good anyway, but yeah… I can do you reaction images."


"Yes. Definitely."


What I’m trying to say is: a lot of people talk a lot of crap about what we Millenials do on the Internet, because there is NO CAPITALISTIC VALUE in the screwing around we do with our friends. “Ughh why are you ALWAYS on the computer?” our parents whined.

"How did you make the text go all slanty like that?" our bosses wonder.

We have decades of experience in Photoshop. We know how to communicate; we can make people across the planet care about our problems. We know how to edit media to make two characters look like they’re having the sexual tensions. We can make people read our posts, follow us, share our content. We run and manage our own websites - and make them pretty. We moderate conversations, enforce commenting policies, manage compromises, lead battles, encourage peace, defend ourselves from attack, inspire others, and foster incredible levels of communication.

We produce our art. We advertise our art. We engage with others through our art. We accept constructive criticism and dismiss destructive trolling of our art. We improve our art. Our art gets better.

We narrate our stories.

All by ourselves. Our pretty blog backgrounds, custom-edited themes, tasteful graphics, punchy content, clever gifs, our snappy putdowns and smart-ass text posts, even our familiarity with fonts and composition - all of these skills we’ve casually accumulated for fun/approval are MINDBLOWING LEVELS OF COMPETENCE IN THE WORKFORCE.

When these skills are sold to you - when they’re packaged and marketed, and when you pay to consume them and have the Elders rate you on them - they are incredibly valuable. They are Media and Communications degrees. They are marketing internships. They are leadership workshops. They are graphics design modules. They are web design courses. They are programming courses. We are good at this shit; we have it nailed down.

You can’t put “fandom” or “blogging” on your CV, but you deserve to. You should get this credit. You should claim this power and authority.

Claim these skills. They are valuable. They are important.

Everything you have ever done is a part of your powerful makings.

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T H E . F I N A L . S E A S O N

What a cool layout!

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If it's okay, could you tell me any slurs used on bisexuals? I promise I'll never use them on anyone; I'm just wondering if there are any.







Obligatory warning for slurs y’all. Well first a disclaimer that the majority of these slurs/insults are aimed at bi women and not all of them are just restricted to bisexuals but are primarily aimed at them, they range from mildly annoying to goddamn awful:

bihet (though this is often used against bi women specifically)

breeder (alledgedly intented to be used on straight people yet almost excuslively used against bisexuals and other minorities, funny how that happens)

AC/DC (not the band, but the type of switch)




sexual dyslexic (points for added ableism)

Ones mainly aimed at bi women:



Of course bisexuals get all the other homophobic and lesbophobic slurs aimed at them too, and get their community labels used against them as if they are slurs such as “bi-curious”. These are all the ones I can think of atm, if anybody has more please add.


again usually aimed at bi women

not only you don’t believe my sexualtiy, you think I need to be in an altered state to actually express parts of it

also LUG (lesbian until graduation) and hasbian

Tbey’re are very often used at bi women who have been in relationships with women in the past and are currently in relationships with men. Because object (or orientation) permanence is not a thing, apparently.

Totally forgot about barsexual, I really hate that word because it is often accompanied by sex-shaming and is used to force bisexuals out of lgbt spaces by painting them as predatory and inconsistant.

Also BUG (bisexual until graduation) is used alongside LUG.

It’s seriously disconcerting the way over half of those are aimed specifically against bi women.

The other day I was sitting in a common room, and the only straight person in the room suddenly pipes up and says “wow. I feel like such a minority right now.” Everyone looks up at her confused because there wasn’t any conversations going on at the time, we were all just sitting there in comfortable silence.
She continued: “I’m the only normal one here, aren’t I?” The began pointing at everyone, “gay, gay, lesbian, lesbian, gay, experimenting, experimenting, lesbian, experimenting … I’m the only normal one.”
The three people who she called ‘experimenting’ were two openly bisexual girls, and one who had clearly told her in confidence, as they looked shocked and hurt that this girl had said that, and Noone else knew. One of the bi girls said “excuse me? We’re not experimenting. We know what we like, we just happen to like both.”
Straight girl then got offended and proclaimed that she was ‘only joking’ when she realized that she had effectively pissed off every single person in the room, told us to cam down and ‘learn to take a joke’, then continued on saying that bisexual isn’t even a ‘real’ sexuality, so we had no right to get offended. Especially not those in the group who were ‘proper gay’.
It’s people like this who make bisexuality seem like such a shameful thing, and make people not want to admit it. But it was good to see the queer community standing together and during her down!


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